Wednesday, June 30

dearies, i'm finally home 
and can put effort on my work
after having vacation 
to melacca kampar and lang tengah
inspirations full of my brain
and i hope i can have enough time to execute them
due to my holiday is going to end soon

i've done lots of new products
but due to the lack of time 
am not uploading them on this blog

here to shout a good news
i'll be on this creative bazaar
is on 17th and 18th of july
10am to 9pm at time square boulevard
see u there!

Tuesday, June 22

marriage of blue and red

*with sequins as decoration!!

materials: printed fabric, sequins
inner pages: cream color paper
size: 15x 10.5x 2cm
price: 26
status: sold

*in exhibition

LaFu LaFu

materials: printed sticker*water resist*
inner pages: white a4
size: 14.5x 10.5x 1.5cm
price: 12.00
status: sold

cupcake jeans

* the blue stars is the bottom side

materials: jeans, ribbon, lace, printed fabric, sequins
inner pages: newsprint paper
size: 15.5x 15.5x 2cm
price: 25.90
status: sold

Friday, June 18

crystal lacy

materials: pearl in cream, crystal in white, crystal in purple,
               flora bead, lace ribbon
price: rm10
status: sold

wedding wishes

material: pearl in cream, white crystal, shinny beads, silky ribbon, flora bead
price: rm10
status: sold

nobel roses

materials: pearl in cream color, crystal in white, shinny beads
price: rm10
status: sold

Monday, June 14

charming accessories

charming accessories will be update soon 
stay tune =)

Sunday, June 13

tissue pouch

inner: quality canvas
outer: printed fabric
size: 8x 11cm
price: rm 6.90~ rm 8.90 (depends on fabric chosen)

*choose your favorite one and email me!

Saturday, June 12

dreamy creamy

material: flora printed fabric with two layers of lace
inner pages: newsprint paper
size: 15.5x 15.5x 2cm
price: rm 19.90
status: sold

flora rossa

material: flora printed fabric with lace
inner pages: newsprint paper
size: 23x 15.5x 2cm
price: rm 29.90
status: sold

*in exhibition

Friday, June 11

back to 60's

material: printed paper with plastic protector
inner pages: 80gsm cream color
size: 21x 14.5x 1.5cm
price: rm 22.90
status: sold

red ridding hood

material: red polyfelt
inner pages : newsprint paper
size: 12x 15.5x 2cm
price: rm22.90
status: sold