Saturday, October 30

sorry, i lied

i told u i will resign
but u insist not to let me go
seriously.. my heart is not with the children anymore
i need to control my emotion when i saw their mistakes 
but not patiently request for their corrections 
this is not like how i did when i was new in your center

although it is only 3 months
i experienced a lot, both good and bad
not to mention why i have to leave
don't ask me

these are some of my children's photos
would like to share and keep them as my memory
i love them so much
and i did not tell them that they will not see me again
it is quite a waste that i cant get a huge hug from each of them
i like to hug them when i see them every saturday

 is jun wei
i like him the most amongst the children
he wrote  'KT' in his sketchbook
he said that is to remind him of my name
so cute
sam yee
jun wei's younger sis
another cute fellow that like to stick with me 
she likes red color

american style of learning
he goes to a chinese school but he cant speak in chinese
lots of question that u dont know how to give answer 

today was his first class
and my last lesson to him
he cry like tap when he knew his mother has left
i dont know how to stop him
suddenly, he took out rocky, the chocolate stick
and ask me to open for him
i stunned for 2secs at that moment

soong earn
she started to smile when she see me smiling to her 
she is so tiny but she can carry a very big bag herself
birds under her pigment

shun loong and xin jie
the brother call the sista "girl girl"
they are very good students to me
'cause they are big enough to understand my words
and sometime will help those smaller kids
mm.. ^^

he looks so cute when he eats his snack during the class ^^
but when he started to mess with you
OMG. disaster!
he wont do his art work on that day
*he is too shy to let me cik cak

another pic of jun wei
he is just so adorable!

nee nee
she says the word princess almost in every single sentence
and influenced me now
she is so noisy and always disturb others
but there's no point to blame on her
she is just 3 years old
and i bet she does not understand me sometimes 

he improved a lot
he will beg me when he did something wrong
cause teacher nancy will scold him
his style of execution is nice and quite advance
but she said he is not doing what she wants
what a waste to limits the creativity of the kids

she cant remember my name =(
she cant make decision herself most of the time
not brave enough to breakthrough the barriers

is lauren
another talkative fellow
she shares lots of her story to me
her brother always complaints that she is too noisy
i think her brother is jealous of her
* jael is behind there

he shun
i cant remember his name at first
but now i wont forget his name anymore
he is hardworking
and he likes to stick with louisa 

that's all. 

Saturday, October 9


hand maker sharing session
(kaka art market)
其实也不懂什么原因, 我变成了“手创人”。。
当初会开始做手作,纯粹想玩玩而已, 没想到现在变成了零用钱的来源。。



Friday, October 1

new in for kaka

028 mini sunshine
*with color inner pages

032 let's picnic

031 colorful childhood

029 lee subsin
sold (to an australian )

030 ride with gold
sold, unexpectedly to a kid

033 hard rock!
sold to a singaporeian

these collection are inspired by global warming
reusing is always a virtue
let's save earth together