Wednesday, July 27

a letter to yasmin ahmad

dear yasmin, 

am glad to have such a talented person to share the same nation with me
am proud of your background, your education, your thinking and your action

as a Malaysian I have not watched any Malay movie before
Sepet was my first one, when I was 20, with tears over my face 
our club decided to share your movies and I was in-charged to promote the activity
because of the task I started to search infos bout you
you're amazing! 
I love the way you did, you express, you critic
softly but impact!

you have won multiple awards both within Malaysia and internationally
to me, awards doesn't meant everything
I guess you want all your works to release on screen rather than winning awards
this is why I always think to fly higher rather than staying at here..
I felt shame when people ask me what can artist do in the future

should I use to the environment? or escape from here?
though am tired of these, still I will practice what I believe in
how I wish you're still here and producing
that's a kind of encouragement and support to me

dear director, rest in peace

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