Monday, October 22

Empress Wu The Musical

went to watch this musical at Kl Pac last weekend
we got two free tixs which worth RM390 each
was really astonished by the casts and production
this would probably the best show i went for this year

everything is great!
the flow the songs the stage the casts the dancers
the costumes the make up the production

only thing is i dont really like the way they represent Empress Wu
the story was very different from what i've read from history
but i can understand that a public show shouldnt be that negative

it was funny that the musical was in English combined with Chinese
when cast using Chinese, we read the English subtitles
when cast using English, we read the Chinese subtitles
as there're lot of nouns and names which we are not familiar with

the love song sang by Emperor and Empress was very nice
my tears rolling and feel very touched by their love story
you can view a little part of it from the clip below


  1. so nice! wanted to catch it but i mis-read the dates and missed it :( must have been wonderful though i must admit, feels funny to hear them in english. haha